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SmartSolo® IGU-16HR 3C



General Specifications

Seismic data channel(s) 3
ADC resolution 24 bits
Sample intervals 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 milliseconds
Preamplifier gain 0dB to 36 dB in 6 dB steps
Anti-alias filter 206.5 Hz @ 2ms (82.6% of Nyquist)

Selectable – Linear Phase or Minimum Phase

DC blocking filter 1Hz to 10Hz, 1Hz increments or DC Removed
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Waterproof IP67
Data Storage 32 GB (can be expanded to 64GB)
Physical Size w/High Capacity Battery Pack

103mm (L) × 95mm (W) ×187mm (H) (w/o spike)

w/Standard Battery Pack

103mm (L) × 95mm (W) ×150mm (H) (w/o spike)

Weight 2.4kg (Including internal battery and spike) 1.7kg (Including internal battery and spike)
Operating Life@25℃ 30 days Continuous
60 days Segmented (12hours ON/12hours SLEEP)
15 days Continuous
30 days Segmented (12hours ON/12hours SLEEP)
Recharge Time < 6 hours < 3.5 hours
Charging Temperature Range +3˚C ~ +40˚C

Acquisition Performance

All parameters are specified at +22℃in the vertical position for vertical geophone and horizontal position for horizontal geophone unless otherwise stated.

Natural Frequency: 5Hz

Spurious Frequency: >170Hz / (>150Hz in horizontal sensor)

Distortion: <0.1%@12Hz, (0° ~ 10°) V tilt. / <0.15%, (0°~3°) H tilt

Damping: 0.7

Sensitivity: 76.7V/m/s (1.95 V/in/s)

Channel Performance

(@ 2ms sample interval, 31.25 Hz, 25°C, unless otherwise indicated)

Maximum Input Signal: ±2.5Vpeak @ Gain 0dB

Dynamic Range: 125dB@ 2ms Gain 0dB

Equivalent Input Noise: 0.18µV@ 2ms Gain 18dB

Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.0002%@ Gain 0dB

Common Mode Rejection: >100dB

Gain Accuracy: <0.5%

GPS Time Standard: 1ppm

Timing Accuracy: ±10µs, GPS Disciplined

Cross Feed: < -110dB

System Dynamic Range: 145dB

Frequency Response: 0~1652Hz

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