About Us
About Us

Founded in 1999 in Calgary, Canada, SmartSolo Inc. has rapidly grown to become an international high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of leading-edge seismic sensing products. With pioneering R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and continually active and growing sales and industry presence, SmartSolo Inc. has become the leading provider of seismic imaging equipment in the World.

SmartSolo Inc.'s Research and engineering headquarters are based in Shenzhen, China with marketing and technology service centers strategically established in Beijing, China and North America, while manufacturing is advantageously located in LangFang, China. SmartSolo Inc. provides market leading seismic sensing solutions to a broad range of customers in the energy and mineral exploration sectors, research institutions, governmental and non-governmental entities for a wide rang of applications. The SmartSolo Inc. products are used for oil and gas and mineral exploration, engineering geophysical surveys, earthquake monitoring as well as for geophysical scientific research.

The products and services of SmartSolo Inc. have been utilized in more than 40 countries, serving the seismic exploration industry on a global scale. As partner of the company with highest operating income in seismic exploration, SmartSolo Inc. has a majority share of the smart seismic exploration equipment market. Since 2017, the sales of SmartSolo have maintained a 100 % annual growth rate going from 4,000 channels of SmartSolo delivery worldwide in 2017 to 80,000 channels in 2018, and by 2019 to 2022, more than 430,000 nodes in total have been delivered globally making SmartSolo the only nodal system in the World with this many nodes sold.

To augment this considerable growth, SmartSolo Inc. is staffed with an excellent sales and technical support team ready to answer to the client’s needs. Well informed strategic management ensure that both domestic and international business are capably and efficiently handled. SmartSolo Inc. are committed to promoting the SmartSolo brand, providing more customers with high-quality and cost-effective products through timely and knowledgeable service. We’re honored to solve problems for all SmartSolo users.

At SmartSolo Inc., we are a leading innovator in the field of seismic exploration and monitoring. With a strong commitment to technological advancements and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of excellence and our dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions that redefine seismic data acquisition. Our brand advantages lie in our cutting-edge technology, exceptional product quality, and unrivaled customer support.

One of our key strengths is our expertise in developing passive seismograph systems. We have revolutionized the industry with our advanced, lightweight, and highly sensitive SmartSolo systems. These systems offer unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, allowing researchers and exploration teams to capture high-quality seismic data with ease.

We take pride in our commitment to technological innovation. Our team of skilled engineers and scientists continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible in seismic monitoring. By incorporating the latest advancements in sensor technology, data processing algorithms, and wireless communication, we provide our customers with the most advanced tools to tackle complex seismic challenges.

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. We understand that reliability is crucial in the field, and our products are designed to withstand demanding environments and deliver consistent performance.

But our commitment to our customers goes beyond just delivering superior products. We believe in building strong relationships and providing exceptional customer support. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you, whether it's offering technical guidance, troubleshooting, or providing timely solutions to meet your unique requirements.

At SmartSolo Inc., we are passionate about driving innovation and empowering our customers with the tools they need to succeed in seismic exploration and monitoring. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to shape the future of the industry with our groundbreaking solutions.

Experience the SmartSolo Inc. difference. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, and unparalleled customer support can elevate your seismic exploration and monitoring endeavors. Together, let's unlock new possibilities in the world of seismic data acquisition.