World’s First Smart Seismic Sensor
Makes High Density Seismic Possible

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Our principle of seismic exploration


High fidelity signal

From the industry-leading
DT-Solo geophone


The GPS location

Our oversampling algorithms
ensure accuracy


Accurate timing

Precision is maintained as temperatures change


Smart Design

The design philosophy behind SmartSolo is to take every possible advantage of the mature and cost-effective electronic and software technologies of the mobile internet era. Incorporating many of the same high-reliability, low-power devices widely used in cell phones, our smart sensor contains everything necessary to sense and record top-quality seismic data, while keeping its functions and structure as simple as possible.

This smart geophone is user-friendly and cost-effective, and reliable to operate autonomously even in the most challenging conditions.



The Heart of SmartSolo™

High-quality seismic data is derived from high-quality seismic sensors. DT-SOLO’s high-sensitivity geophone is specially designed for single point receiver applications. It is well known to the seismic industry as the top-quality high-sensitivity geophone ​and​ is widely used by ​major ​contractors and equipment manufacturers.

  • High Quality
  • High Sensitivity
  • Low Distortion
  • Super Reliable
  • Single Point Receiver
  • Available in 10 Hz & 5 Hz
  • High Spurious Frequency
  • Industry Leader




SmartSolo™ Features

  • Light weight (1.1 kg including battery and spike)
  • Small footprint (92mm X 100mm)
  • DT-SOLO (High-sensitivity sensor technology, 10Hz & 5Hz optional)
  • Mobile app (deployment & technical support)
  • Lowest per channel cost in the seismic industry
  • No exposed connector in the field
  • Optional external battery and sensor
  • Automatic sensor testing and GPS logging
  • 50 days operating life @ 25℃ 1ms 12h ON/12h Off
  • Built-in 8 GB non-volatile flash memory could be expanded to 32 GB

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The Future of the Seismic Industry

Smaller crew size, less man power and simpler equipment

  • Lower operational cost
  • Less environmental impact
  • Improved HSE

Million channels capability

  • High channel density
  • Better image at lower cost

Highly efficient data harvesting and management

  • Lower operational cost
  • Better user experience

Our peripherals go together with SmartSolo so well because they’re designed together.

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