January 11, 2024
Market Research Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for conducting research in the Canadian market according to the planned product applications and field expansion

of the group. This involves analyzing relevant industries, market conditions, competition analysis, customer research analysis, and

reporting to assist the group in making decisions and judgments on the target market.

2. Estimate the market size of the target market under investigation, segment customers (by industry, application, use, user type,

etc.), identify commonalities and differences, and cerate market maps and gap Maps.

3. Classify, combine,and process the existing customer group needs, competition and other market segment information to identify

common customer needs, competitor advantages and characteristics, and market opportunities.

4. Responsible for outputting and reporting the research report of the market segment in charge, as well as assisting the market

director in periodically inventorying and revising the target marketing Strategy.

5. Communicating with customers through email, exhibitions, etc., conveying brand and product value, and enhancing customer

purchase needs.

6. Responsible for importing research data, managing customer data, and updating the Zoho system market development module

in the market area.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor's degree or higher, preferably in marketing, statistics, or related fields, with equivalent work experience; no specific

major requirement.

2. Work experience: At least 2 years of working experience in market segmentation or intelligence analysis/research is required.

3. Proficient in market analysis tools and data analysis software, with the ability to make data-driven decisions.

4.Excellent communication and teamwork skills, enabling effective collaboration with different departments.

5.Full-time based in Calgary. Can legally work in Canada. Able to travel.

Salary and benefits: negotiate

CV can sent to: or contact by Whatapp+(86)15001170425

Add.: Unit 145,3901-54 Ave, NE Calgary, AB T3J 3W5 Canada