January 10, 2024
Administrative Supervisor

Job responsibilities:

1. Fully responsible for providing daily internal and external administrative logistics support of the North American office, including but not limited to managing the office expense budget, controlling and managing fixed assets, handing administrative procurement, overseeing daily customer reception, and other related tasks.

2. Responsible for managing daily personnel and system implementation in the office, including conveying and implementing all types of company notices, documents, rules, and regulations.

3. Assist the Group headquarters in recruiting new employees, managing employee relationships, conducting performance management, and maintaining employee files.

4. Other work tasks assigned by management.

Job Requirements:

1.A Bachelor's degree or higher in administrative management, human resource management business administration, or other management majors is preferred.

2.5 years or more of comprehensive management, administration, or human resources related work experience, independent ability and experience in overall team management.

3.Fluent in Chinese and English, have legal authorization to work in Canada;

4.With good communication and language skills, organization and coordination abilities,as well as problem-solving skills.