September 26, 2023
International brand promotion specialist

Job responsibilities:

1.  Participate in academic conference marketing strategy: This includes analyzing key target markets, planning academic events, selecting communication channels, brand promotion, and content marketing to enhance international brand recognition and generate more inquiries.

2.  Establish partnerships with international media, research institutions, and academic organizations: Cultivate collaborative relationships to secure opportunities for promotion, including co-promotions, joint forums or events, and more.

3.  Lead conference planning and execution: Manage all aspects of conference planning, adhering to brand standards. This includes booth planning, materials preparation, conference brand communication, pre-conference invitations, conference reporting, and post-conference analysis and optimization.

4.  Content strategy and editing: Develop and edit content related to brand dynamics, case studies, technology, and scientific outreach to increase readership and user engagement.

5.  Acquire user lists through academic conferences: Use academic conferences as a means to expand the list of earth scientists who engage with the brand. Establish a strong brand image, leave a positive and lasting impression on conference attendees, and analyze and quantify conference outcomes for continuous improvement.

Job requirements:

1.  Bachelor's degree or higher: Preferably in advertising, digital marketing, marketing, international relations, or a related field, 2-3 years of experience are required.

2.  Excellent communication and coordination skills: Proficient in both written and spoken English.

3.  International marketing experience: Prior experience in international marketing, especially within the academic conference field, is highly preferred.

4.  Familiarity with earth science: Knowledge or experience in the field of earth science and a background in geophysics is a plus.

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