January 07, 2023
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We are pleased to share some exciting news with you. SmartSolo® nodal seismic acquisition system exceeded Sinopec's expectations in a complex 3D project.

Recently, Sinopec deployed 50,000 channels of SmartSolo nodes on a high-density 3D seismic survey project after completing system acceptance and reliability testing. Much of the project was in an area of complex terrain with meandering grassy hillsides, steep slopes, and abrupt drop-offs, making acquisition work very difficult. It is easy to envision how much more difficult and costly it would have been with a traditional cable system; increase in overall logistical cost, larger workforce requirement, greater HSE risks, and most likely damage to cables resulting in downtime and loss of channels. SmartSolo nodes avoided these issues and improved the work efficiency. The nodal system significantly reduced the workload of equipment deployment for exploration personnel and enhanced the efficiency of survey line inspections. With the Bluetooth enabled nodes real-time monitoring of node status was performed by field personnel and UAV inspections.

Sinopec’s project started with the deployment of nodes on November 21st, data acquisition began Nov. 27th and concluded on Dec. 29th with an average of 5,000 nodes rotated daily. The crew was able to achieve a maximum deployment of 10,889 nodes in a day, and the data of 13,822 stations were downloaded in a single day. The successful completion of the project proved the excellent performance and high reliability of SmartSolo nodes.