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Work Smart to protect our environment

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th to promote and highlight the importance of protecting and improving the human environment. Earth is home for the human-race and many other species, but due to deforestation and other unfavorable development methods, the rate of extinction on our planet has accelerated alarmingly. This trend of biodiversity loss is pushing our ecosystem towards an irreversible tipping point, where the relatively stable environmental conditions on which human civilization depends will no longer exist.

SmartSolo, created by DTCC, is a dynamic advocate and implementor of green environmental protection, providing tools to perform seismological studies with minimal or no impact. SmartSolo extend and enhance abilities to sense, helping people to perceive the complex world more easily. Our products are used in energy and mineral exploration, urban geological surveys, earthquake disaster monitoring, engineering investigations, environmental vibration measurements, and more.

If development of society and economy are to be sustained, it is increasingly important for us to harmonize the relationship between human beings and the environment. Every effort, from saving paper, using fewer plastic bags, sorting garbage, saving water, turning off lights, to responsible carbon emission solutions, planting trees, and protecting wildlife. When it comes to environment, work Smart.

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