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SmartSolo is small and extremely durable, suitable for many different harsh conditions. Not only can it realize very high-density seismic exploration, but also reduce the labor intensity and number of personnel required for the seismic team. The result is saving effort, saving time, simplifying the steps, and lowering the overall operating cost.

SmartSolo node = Efficient acquisition

SmartSolo shows no fear of the cold

In the winter of North China, the minimum temperature is below -30°C (-22°F). Severe cold weather can be challenging for battery capacity and power consumption of a device, along with stability of electronic components. Multiple projects at home and abroad have proven SmartSolo exhibits excellent operable duration and high stability in very low and changeable temperatures.

SmartSolo has made deployment easy

As a single-point autonomous receiver node, regardless of the terrain or any other environmental challenges, SmartSolo can be deployed more easily in any work area without the effort and difficulties of cable deployment.

SmartSolo gives high efficiency acquisition

The SmartSolo IGU has a split design where the recording electronics (upper body) and battery pack (lower body) can be separated. Charging and download can be performed at the same time, and with availability of additional battery packs, nodes can be made ready for re-deployment to the spread immediately after data has been harvested.

Throughout the winter months in Northern China, freezing, melting and refreezing are common conditions. The 3D seismic project with SmartSolo in Xinjiang was launched very early in the season, at one of the coldest times. Using SmartSolo, efficient production has been maintained despite the harsh conditions and the impact of low temperatures.

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