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The small size and light weight characteristics of nodal single point receivers make them very convenient to use for seismic acquisition where there are a mix of terrains and environments. SmartSolo has been numerously deployed in the full broad spectrum of surroundings and conditions that are so often encountered in field operations. Dense forested mountains to barren deserts where the winds are made of dust and the temperatures are hostile. Snow covered plains to bustling city centers where the field becomes concrete and asphalt. From a seismic recording perspective, they all present their own unique challenges, but with a choice of crosshair or regular spike, low profile tripod or flat base, SmartSolo can achieve exceptionally good coupling wherever it is being used. In addition, built tough and built to last, the industry leading strength of the IGU give you the freedom to deploy even in areas where there is risk of drive-over by vehicles or similar harsh events.

Planting the SmartSolo IGU-16 could not be any easier. In the case of firm compacted ground, simply make sure the spike is pushed in, and while ensuring the unit is reasonably level, firmly stomp it into place before turning on with a magnet. If the ground conditions are loose, it can be advantageous to partially or completely bury the IGU, further improving coupling, and reducing any influence of strong winds. The same methodology is all true for the SmartSolo 3 Component IGU, with the only difference being that generally more attention will be given to the orientation and level of the unit when planted. As is now common for the SmartSolo range of IGU products, once the units have completed their self-test and GPS startup, a green LED indicates that the device is good and data is being recorded. A mobile Field Deployment Tool or phone APP is then used to scan the IGU and battery serial numbers to record their location. No matter where you are using SmartSolo intelligent seismic sensors, it is very easy to implement environment-specific coupling solutions that will ensure you get great results.

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