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Calgary, Canada. Jan. 3, 2019. Dynamic Technologies announced today the sale of 20,000 SmartSolo IGU-16 nodes to Terrex Group, Australia’s most experienced surface and subsurface earth imaging solutions provider utilizing leading-edge technologies

Gary Wu, Managing Director of DTCC, said: “We are thrilled Terrex made the choice to add an additional 20,000 channels of SmartSolo to their arsenal. This is their third purchase bringing their inventory of SmartSolo to 48,000 channels, clearly demonstrating their confidence and approval of the most widely accepted and currently greatest utilized land seismic nodal system around the globe.”

Greg Dunlop, Director at Terrex Seismic, said: “Our decision to purchase an additional 20,000 SmartSolo channels was made to ensure we are able to meet our existing customers requirements, but also forms part of our longer term strategy. We continue to be impressed with the performance, reliability and operational efficiencies we are experiencing with this system as well as the excellent service and support that we receive from the team at DTCC. The increase in our channel capability to 48,000 further reinforces our decision made nearly 18 months ago to move to SmartSolo as our recording technology choice,”

About DTCC: Dynamic Technologies (DTCC) is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has multiple R&D, Manufacturing and sales/support facilities in Canada, China and USA etc. DTCC is a world leading manufacturer of seismic sensors. DT-SOLO series high sensitivity geophones are recognized by the industry as the most reliable high- sensitivity seismic sensors. DTCC’s new product SmartSolo® – World’s First Smart Seismic Sensor defined a new category of seismic acquisition equipment

About TERREX SEISMIC: Terrex is a Brisbane, Australia based company which is a leading technology-focused seismic solutions provider. Terrex provides cutting-edge seismic acquisition services, surveying and geophysical infield processing services to the global oil and gas, and resources industries.  With over 900 successful onshore seismic surveys, Terrex provides clients with peace of mind when it comes to maximizing the value of each client’s exploration budget, adhering to its core values of safe performance, high-quality data acquisition and value-for-money.

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