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DTCC, one of the most reliable seismic data acquisition system manufacturers, selected by a client to conduct seismic acquisition testing.

SmartSolo wireless seismic data acquisition system tested in Russian Federation

The seismic data acquisition system contains 3 sections, including acquisition, recording and processing, they work together to build a comprehensive and all-in-one seismic data acqusition network.


Due to its advanced and new technology in seismic data acquisition industry, SmartSolo is re-defining the future of seismic data acquisition techniques, and providing various seismic data acquisition methods, such as seismic reflection and refraction data acquisition.


The seismic data acquisition means provided by SmartSolo are widely used by geophysicist, and seismic data acquisition companies in numerous countries and regions.


According to the features of the SmartSolo products and instruments, they can be defined as following:


High resolution seismic data acquisition system

The featured product is SmartSolo IGU-16HR 3C, a high resolution 3-component seismic acquisition unit, the upgraded version of IGU-16, IGU-16HR was used in this test.


Broadband seismic data acquisition device

The featured equipment is SmartSolo IGU-BD3C-5, a broadband and 3-component seismic survey device.


Both IGU-16HR 3C and IGU-BD3C-5 are multicomponent seismic data acquisition instruments with a natural frequency of 5Hz, they are the ideal choices for seismic data acquisition jobs.


The geophysical and onshore seismic data acquisition services from SmartSolo were built by hardware and software. SmartSolo system of seismic data acquisition on land has been used to carry out 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition in multiple industries like oil and gas exploration, scientific research, resource and energy exploration activities, earthquake and landslide monitoring.


Project video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/pHzOsYCcKlc


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