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SPG/SEG Nanjing 2020 International Geophysical Conference is organized by The Professional Committee of Petroleum Geophysics, The Society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG), and the International Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). The exhibition is being held from September 13th – 16th, 2020, and DTCC will bring SmartSolo series products to openly discuss the topic of “Moving towards a new era of Intelligent geophysical exploration”. There are a large number of experts, scholars, and industry leaders consulting in this arena, with considerable interest in product technical details and company developments. SmartSolo is committed to helping people perceive the complex world easily, and their efforts are recognized and held in high regard by new and old customers.

You are very welcome to visit our booth no. A9-A10 to discuss products and hear more about the latest company news and activities at SmartSolo.

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