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Since 2019, SmartSolo has been preparing for and already expanding into new applications and markets. Our existing products have been applied to many industries beyond oil and gas, including coal, minerals, natural earthquake monitoring, safety monitoring, scientific research and many other related fields. SmartSolo is quickly being accepted and trusted within these new industry areas.

01. SmartSolo sets a new record in coal exploration

After winning a bid to provide 4,000 channels of SmartSolo to the coal industry in China, seismic production on their first project reached 1080 shots per day; a new record in this area of exploration. It also represented a significant milestone and new application for SmartSolo entering this sector.

02. SmartSolo IGU-16HR 3C is selling well to facilitate scientific research worldwide

With an increasing customer channel count, SmartSolo three-component products are being used in a growing number of diverse areas that require intensive seismic data acquisition.

03. Chengdu urban underground space project

An urban underground space survey was carried out in Chengdu with 2,200 channels of SmartSolo. Sensor deployment included the streets and alleys of inner-city, around the suburban avenues, lakes, parks, and assorted underground parking lots. Having won the bid to provide equipment for this 2D urban exploration, SmartSolo went on to prove that it was a very good choice for this type of project.

04. SmartSolo was applied to multi-area seismic exploration projects in the U.S.

In North America, 6 Small to Medium-sized projects were completed using from 1,000 channels and upwards of SmartSolo in various terrains and environments during 2019. Outside of oil & gas exploration, the U.S. Geological Survey have been using SmartSolo products to monitor aftershocks in California.

In 2020, SmartSolo will be actively exploring new markets and industry opportunities. Our products and services will be upgraded accordingly to meet the market demand. With existing and potential customers needing to improve their agility and service offerings, while remaining efficient and competitive, SmartSolo is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your project challenges or technical requirements, and we will strive to assist and make it happen.

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