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SmartSolo has recently been used for a practical exploration project in Australia based on compressed sensing technology, a popular research topic at present.


Compressed sensing (also known as compressive sensing, compressive sampling, or sparse sampling) is a signal processing technique for efficiently acquiring and reconstructing a signal, by finding solutions to undetermined linear systems.


Commencing September 2018, an Australian seismic contractor used SmartSolo in Australia to perform a project based on compressive sensing technology. An acquisition methodology was adopted to realize non-equidistant receiver placement. Being compact and lightweight, SmartSolo was a good match for this somewhat random type of layout, and was considered a really good choice for the compressed sensing technology. The project has again demonstrated improvements to production efficiency and reduction in HSE exposure, while recording seismic data of the highest standard.


The application of compressed sensing technology has recently been increasingly extended to the seismic exploration industry. As demonstrated by this project in Australia, SmartSolo will complement this technology and acquisition technique very nicely as projects of this type continue to grow in scale.

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