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A geophysical exploration crew from the Tarim region of China has recently been commending the excellent performance of SmartSolo on their 3D project in Kuga. Using a total of 25,000 SmartSolo IGU-16 10Hz intelligent seismic sensors, the field crew have given high praise for the fast efficient deployment and ease of operation. Started in January 2021, and anticipated to be finished by April, the relatively diverse project area includes Gobi, farmland, urban, mountains and other difficult environments.

Alongside the challenging terrain, the locale also endures some tough weather conditions during this time of year, with winds of 20-35mph (32-56kmph), temperatures dropping as low as 3°F (-16℃), and frequent snowfall. Production is progressing in two phases, and 5 teams each handling 200 stations daily are deploying a total of 1000 IGUs per day. With a data recovery rate exceeding 99.9% the success of the project is largely attributed to the durable dependability of SmartSolo. This achievement is no surprise considering the extensive survival testing that is an integral part of the SmartSolo manufacturing process.

SmartSolo is changing the traditional impression of geophysical instruments, enabling customers to perform efficient high quality seismic acquisition with ease. Eliminate your equipment reliability concerns, reduce your operational stress, and let SmartSolo help you more easily perceive the complex world.

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