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Located in northern China, the Changqing and Xinjiang projects are in areas that encounter severe cold weather in winter, with outdoor temperatures regularly dropping well below -10°C (14°F). During this time of year, the region is often frozen in snow and ice, and the dry windy environment can make production difficult.

Far from home during the holidays, working through harsh conditions, the SmartSolo Tech Support Team stay on the job, assisting customers no matter where or when.

The efforts and dedication of the SmartSolo technical support team have been highly praised by customers, and are recognized and appreciated as a major strength of the company and their products.

This article is from SmartSolo ( Providing vibration sensing technologies and solutions for energy & mineral seismic exploration, urban geological investigations, hazard prevention and detection, engineering surveys, environmental monitoring, and many other applications. SmartSolo are helping humans perceive the complex world more easily.

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