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As the seismic exploration industry evolves, the scale of data acquisition projects has got larger, and data quality requirements have frequently become more demanding. The presence and impact of electromagnetic interference on seismic data is also being examined more closely. In data acquisition, electromagnetic field interference can often be responsible for harmonic noise on seismic records, sometimes referred to as crosstalk. When interference is severe, it can obscure the desired signals being acquired, affecting the quality and usability of the resulting recorded data.


There are many factors that can cause and affect crosstalk. They include high voltage power lines and sub stations, solar panels, wind farms, buried cables and equipment, terrestrial broadcasting and communications, weather conditions etc. SmartSolo has been used on projects in a wide variety of environments, and has produced excellent results even where external electromagnetic interference was known to be severe. The proprietary shielding methods used for the SmartSolo sensor and internal circuitry have made the instrument highly resilient to external interference.

The seismic exploration industry has been increasingly pushed towards higher efficiency and productivity, while maintaining or improving quality, and keeping the operational and equipment cost to a minimum. It is a tough balance, but SmartSolo are firmly committed to the needs of customers, listening to what is required, and continuing to innovate practical solutions to help perceive the complex world.

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