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After successfully completing initial phase of testing a large seismic project simulation was carried out to inspect the whole system. This portion of acceptance included but not limited to, quantitative data offload capabilities, data output formats, data management, instrument and sensor testing along with UGI intuitiveness. All of which are becoming the focal center of nodal acquisition systems used for high density surveys. The tests demonstrated SmartSolo’s high quality standards, flexibility, and ease of data management. As a result, Sinopec’s acceptance team agreed that the SmartSolo seismic acquisition system has reached advanced international level, passed all acceptance inspection with high quality standards, and far exceeded their expectations. 24,000 SmartSolo nodes have shipped to customer’s project site.
Our customers’approval is the best encouragement we can receive. With continuous feedback from devoted customers SmartSolo products will continue to improve, impress, and gain trust. Our customers are our focus with the intention to enhance their seismic exploration capabilities.

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