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Recent improvements to the already formidable SmartSolo 3-Component IGU have extended its capabilities to include more sampling options in a unit that achieves new levels of survivability.

With advancements in electronics and manufacturing, it has made it possible to offer increasingly flexible and accessible seismic exploration equipment for a multitude of users and applications. Maintaining stringent high standards of quality while leveraging technological innovations, SmartSolo continue to expand and enhance their precise, efficient, and durable product line.

The IGU-16HR 3C and SoloLite software now support 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 20ms sampling without any change to the available operation modes and highly versatile configurability. As with all SmartSolo instruments, the 3C units are built to endure the worst of environments, and a tough set of impact, water seal, and temperature extremes are a standard part of manufacturing process.

IGU-16HR 3C submerged 1m for 3 days. Just part of the rigorous testing for quality control.

If cost-effective quality and reliability are what you need in a multipurpose precision three component autonomous recording node, SmartSolo have the solution.

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