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The project area is located in the northeast of Oman. The terrain is dominated by Gobi and mountains. The mountains are steep and winding and over 30% of source points are distributed in this environment. The crew combined cable system and nodal system to conduct seismic data acqusition in nealy 500 sq km survey area. Total 25,500 SmartSolo nodes were deployed in the mountainous area.

As the features of SmartSolo nodal equipment, small size, light weight and single-point receiving, it makes operation very convenient in the complex environment. After the SmartSolo nodes arrived, the observers quickly completed the instrument test and made full preparations for production.

The OXY Oman project started on the 16th, and estimated daily production will be over 5000 shots. SmartSolo once again verified its high efficiency, high flexibility and high reliability in this project. SmartSolo guaranteed the efficient and stable production in every actual project.

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