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Recently, a total 40,563 SmartSolo nodes have been used to begin a rugged upland 3D seismic project in South West China. This landscape has many densely forested areas, and the complex local geological structures give rise to cliffs and exposed outcrops. The acquisition will cover almost 80,000 receiver points over a total area of approximately 146km². Production is progressing during rainy season, where frequent heavy downpours place additional demands on field operations.


SmartSolo is no stranger to extremely wet unforgiving topography, where simplicity, portability, and tough build quality are the keys to a successful project. Additionally, a small footprint low impact solution is essential when working in environmentally sensitive regions, and the innovative design by DTCC fits perfectly. Whatever your next challenge, make it easier, safer, nature-friendly, and more efficient with SmartSolo.

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