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Sanjiepao 3D is the first seismic exploration project of its kind to be performed in the complex groundwater networks of the Liaohe river Basin area in China. With high-precision vibroseis source, a total of 36,000 SmartSolo smart seismic sensors were used to complete data acquisition of 200 square kilometers in 23 days.

SmartSolo wireless node technology was used very effectively to make ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-density acquisition a reality, harnessing the integration of technology, economy, and resources. Implementing advanced source technologies alongside stake-less receiver deployment, it marks a new era of seismic acquisition in the complex Liaohe region.


During production, the self-sufficient layout and strong obstacle crossing abilities of SmartSolo wireless nodes were utilized in full. Flexibility and on-the-move optimization of receiver layout played a large role ensuring strong integrity of the resulting acquired data. With thoughtful deployment organization and full attention to principles of near offsets, obstacles were handled with minimal impact on the resulting image.

The high reliability of SmartSolo was well demonstrated during this project, and daily node checks in the receiver spread returned an overall 99.98% good from a total 943,336 daily inspections.


The imaging accuracy of complex structures was found to be greatly enhanced in this new 3D acquisition full-coverage dataset. The inter-layer information and fracture details were more pronounced, and the overall significant improvement in data quality was welcomed by the customer. SmartSolo smart seismic sensors were used in the Sanjiepao 3D project to exercise and further facilitate using new geophysical prospecting technologies.

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