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The ongoing epidemic situation and extremely low oil prices have posed enormous challenges to geophysical exploration companies. This difficult environment has required a series of countermeasures to reduce expenses and streamline the business structure, while pushing forwards with technology innovation. In addition to these necessary steps to refine efficiency, SmartSolo has also been going the extra mile to maintain support and contact with our customers. It is testament to the resilience and organized teamwork at DTCC that they have been actively assisting clients to resume production. The following is a brief snapshot of some of the SmartSolo projects that have been supported in the field recently, and it may be interesting to note that for a while, all seven of these were running simultaneously!

1. Geothermal Survey of a Shaanxi Coalfield

SmartSolo was recently used for a 2D geothermal resource exploration project in Mei county, Shaanxi province, completed by local Geophysical Survey & Mapping Co. For this time critical data acquisition, operational efficiency was essential. There is increasing interest in Geothermal energy, where underground reservoirs of steam and hot water can be used to generate electricity or to heat buildings directly.

2. Natural Gas Development in the Ordos Basin

A 3D natural gas development project was recently completed by BGP in the Cocoa cover area of Yulin, Shaanxi, using a total of 27,000 SmartSolo. Data acquisition and harvesting is now finished for this high production exploration in the Ordos Basin.

3. 3D Exploration Project in Gaoshawo

SmartSolo was used by BGP Changqing Geophysical exploration department 280 for a large 3D high production project in Gaoshawo, Wuzhong, Ningxia. A total of 46,000 SmartSolo were used to smoothly complete this particular recording operation.

4. Qiulin 3D Project in Sichuan Basin

On April 6th, 2020, the Southwest branch of BGP started the first large-scale exploration project in Sichuan Basin using multi-wave and multi-component acquisition technology. This mixed instrument geophysical survey is using 12,000 channels of SmartSolo in Santai county, Mianyang city, Sichuan province. At the time of writing, data acquisition is progressing very well.

5. Shale gas exploration project in West Changning

25,000 SmartSolo are being used by BGP Team 212 for a Southwest Geophysical Exploration Changning Xiluochang—Shuanglong syncline shale gas 3D exploration. This project in Yanjin County, Yunnan, is currently in full production.

6. 2D seismic project in North Tarim Basin

5,500 SmartSolo are soon expected to be used for a 2D seismic acquisition in the Tarim Basin. The project is currently in preparation stage, and DTCC technical support has arrived on site to oversee mobilization and commencement of layout.

7. Qingcheng 3D natural gas development project

BGP Changqing Geophysical Exploration are using 54,000 channels of SmartSolo for their Qingcheng 3D natural gas development project, where equipment staging is already setup, and seismic production is well under way.


The epidemic has presented many logistical and operational road blocks, but with perseverance, initiative, and flexibility, SmartSolo has worked hard to ensure that equipment and support are onsite for project startups and production. With oil prices dropping so low, the environment has not been easy for anyone in exploration. SmartSolo is on your side, offering high-quality low-cost products with first-class support, helping you to resume operations efficiently, and get back to work.

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