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In 2019, SmartSolo completed a number of projects in Qiulitag, including two exploration projects completed with 40,000 channels of SmartSolo. Some impressive achievements include the highest density 3D mountain acquisition project, with the largest one-time acquisition area, on the most difficult seismic project in China.

On December 29, 2019 the Zhongqiu-2 3D seismic acquisition project in Tarim Basin was given recognition as the only “High-quality Project” in the exploration of Qiulitag during 2019. This was indeed a great accolade for SmartSolo as the award had been selected from more than 30 acquisition projects deployed by the customer in 2019.

With the help and support of SmartSolo, the Zhongqiu-2 and Dongqiu-6 projects were safely completed 30 days ahead of schedule, bringing the customers cumulative safe operations up to 3.44 million man-hours. The Zhongqiu-2 3D project set a new production record in the area, with daily maximum reaching 1331 shots and the average daily of 940 shots. Despite the challenges of operating in this region, the resulting seismic data quality far exceeded customer expectations.

The client further praised SmartSolo for “creating another successful model of geophysical exploration in difficult mountains in the industry, and providing strong support for oil and gas exploration in the Qiulitag structural belt.”

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