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Warmest congratulations on the achievement! SmartSolo has successfully finished an immensely difficult 3D seismic exploration in mountainous Western China. Data acquisition was completed by 30th June 2019, with 40,000 channels of SmartSolo being used on two large projects in the region.


The operation site in Mountainous Western China crossed many counties, and mostly comprised a vast uninhabited area of desolate knife edge mountain ridges. With no roads or communications, this desertic vertical terrain is known as a land that even the antelopes and eagles dare not reach. Relentless weathering has created a difficult slippery carpet of sand and dirt throughout the lower gullies and slopes demanding careful attention when progressing on foot. The complex and often daunting terrain with narrow gullies and ridges often forced the teams to proceed in single file. Great care was taken in selecting and training crews to navigate these challenges, with proficient leadership from highly skilled army personnel holding extensive experience in this area.


This world-class geophysical exploration effort has attracted numerous Chinese state medias to visit and learn more about the project, including the Xinhua News Agency, and China central television. As the principal equipment being used, SmartSolo has come under the spotlight, including reporting by overseas People`s Daily about its application in this mountainous area.

With impressive terrain and seemingly unreachable receiver deployments, careful decisions had to be made when approaching this project, including choice of equipment. Weight was an essential consideration, as almost the entire spread had to be carried into tough areas by field crew or helicopter. A robust and reliable system was paramount for success, and simplicity was essential while handling such a large channel count. What equipment could be most effective on this “mission impossible”? Highly portable and durable, showing stability and consistency even after a hundred deployments and retrievals in extreme conditions, SmartSolo was the solution.


At this time, all SmartSolo nodes have now been retrieved from the field. As the first wireless data acquisition system ever used by BGP in this mountainous area, SmartSolo has proved to work exceptionally well in this unforgiving landscape, and has shown its strength and contribution in solving one of the hardest exploration problems.

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