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It’s always great to see a homegrown company doing well in a competitive market, and Racer Seismic Surveys is proving to be a mighty force for the smaller 3D and 2D projects. Based out of Indiana, and equipped with SmartSolo recording nodes, owner Jack Racer has already notched up an impressive 25 geophysical explorations here in the USA since October 2019. The services and capabilities offered have steadily been expanding. From shallow reflection Buffalo gun, to the highly commended G-Peg 500 kg weight drop, and small footprint vibrator source, Racer can meet a broad range of survey requirements.

            Look at a couple of typical Racer Seismic projects, and it becomes obvious that this lean operation can tackle the smaller acquisitions very swiftly and effectively. For example, a rural 3D in North Central Indiana with static spread of 534 nodes and 570 weight-drops took only 3 days to complete including pickup and data harvesting, and all with a crew of 3 people. A road line 2D profile in Southern Michigan using 6 sweeps per vibe point, and 250 nodes (rolled through 382 receiver points) was all finished in 1 day including pickup and data harvesting, again with only 3 people on the crew.

“We utilize state of the art SmartSolo… …survey the points as we layout… …collect time stamps and GPS coordinates for the shots all in one pass.” Jack goes on to say “No more surveys prior to shooting. We arrive with one truck & trailer utilizing a 2 or 3-man crew. We can move very quickly. From start to finish, our efficiency enables us to turnaround a survey in days not months.”

A combination of equipment reliability and simplified field operations is a winning formula, enabling professional and cost-effective methods, while producing highly coveted results for the customer. SmartSolo look forward to supporting Racer Seismic Surveys as they grow.

Here’s to the next 25 projects!

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