During late Dec 2018, SmartSolo was used to conduct a 3D seismic coal exploration project in Shanxi China. The survey area of approximately 2 square kilometers was completed in 9 days with 2050 channels of SmartSolo. Field operations progressed smoothly in the rural environment scattered with many trees and low thorny bushes. Each member of the deployment crew put 20 SmartSolo IGUs into a backpack to enable efficient and safe hands-free carrying. A total of 8 source control decoders were used to exploit the high production capabilities of the SmartSolo system. Simple, inventive, high reliability design make SmartSolo a solid solution for projects in difficult environmental conditions with no compromise on production efficiency.

Fast Easy Deployment

Seismic Stack Section

To conclude, the crew were very satisfied with the lightweight field equipment and high efficiency production made possible with SmartSolo. The excellent quality of resulting seismic stack section further revealed that SmartSolo could fully achieve the geological objectives of the project. Both seismic client and acquisition contractor were very impressed with the performance and operational ease of the SmartSolo system.

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