Shear wave velocity inversion from ambient noise

In October, 2018, a field deployment of SmartSolo nodal system was successfully conducted to record ambient noise data in Henan, China. The purpose of the project is to monitor levee safety of hydraulic systems. The SmartSolo system is very convenient for this purpose.

Location Henan, China
Graphics receive triangle
Receiver point 10 set
Receiver No 10
Target natural source surface wave survey
Channel count IGU-16 1C 10 Hz,100 channels
Receive interval 2 m

SmartSolo receivers were deployed in a triangular array.


The geometry of the triangular geometric receiver array


(Note: rotated -90 degrees, this is more conventional –Lanbo Liu)

S wave phase velocity dispersion curve extraction








SmartSolo receivers were deployed in a triangular array on the levees.

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