Detection and imaging of faults and other subsurface structures in urban settings

Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration (IGGE) of CAGS successfully performed a high density 2D and 3D combined survey in sub-center of Beijing in September, 2018, to get a high-resolution subsurface images and fault structures.

SmartSolo node seismic system is employed to minimize the impact on the environment and the local population. The subsurface fault structure in depth can be identified from the stacking profile.

Location Beijing, China
Survey area 483 m × 400 m
Target Fault detection (target depth: 600 m)
Survey 2D + 3D High density seismic array
Channel count IGU-16 1C 5-Hz, 700 channels
Source Vibroseis,1600 VPs, sweep 10-130Hz, 12 s
Receiver interval 5 m
Source interval 10 m

Google Earth image of the survey area. The shot line is in red, and the color gradient indicates the fold density. (Shuiyu Luo, IGGE, 2018)

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