Case Study

SmartSolo in Australia – High Efficiency Application Case

From early 2017 through into 2018, Australian largest exploration contractor Terrex Seismic has completed four highly efficient projects using SmartSolo, two at the border between Queensland and South Australia, with the other two in Northern Territory and South-East coastal area.

The Australian geographical environment is complex and diverse, including mountains, Desert, hills, dense forest and beach. Due to SmartSolo’s portability and rugged construction, the seismic crew were easily able to deploy and move the equipment using conventional pick-up trucks.


In April, the lowest temperatures in the high-altitude mountains of South Australia were about 0°C. In Desert, the ground surface temperatures were up to 60°C. The reliability of SmartSolo has been confirmed in various environments including challenging temperatures and high moisture conditions. SmartSolo units are constructed from tough materials with compact component layout, and careful consideration to waterproof design. To ensure SmartSolo reliability for our customers, pre-delivery inspection includes multiple rounds of thermal shock testing between -40°C and 70°C and 50KPa air-tightness test, equivalent to five meters water depth. Purposeful design and strict manufacturing inspection enabled SmartSolo to be operated in the harsh conditions of Australia, whilst maintaining acquisition system stability and data quality. Terrex has not seen any production downtime due to system failure.


SmartSolo’s clever design provides a solid basis for a highly reliable system. DTCC’s well known DT-SOLO high-sensitivity geophone has served more than 10 years in the oil & gas exploration industry. To summarize, SmartSolo’s integrated high-sensitivity geophone with advanced chipset and up-to-date GPS module can provide customers with high-precision, high fidelity, time-accurate seismic data. Both Terrex and their clients have offered very high praise for the SmartSolo system reliability, ease of usage, and data quality.


Four different exploration projects have been completed with SmartSolo in various environments in Australia. The efficiency of production has in many cases been doubled compared to traditional cable acquisition systems. For example, a 560 sq. km project was completed with 40 people in 65 days. In current challenging low oil price market, the efficiency improvement using SmartSolo has saved labor costs and significantly improved the competitiveness of Terrex. For this, CEO of Terrex sent us a letter to express their high regard of the SmartSolo system and to commend the full range of meticulous service offered by the technical support staff.