Case Study

3D SmartSolo Trial in Midland, Texas, USA

During 16th – 20th February 2017, a field test was completed to evaluate the capabilities of SmartSolo, and compare with another well regarded nodal acquisition system. The test was conducted by a major seismic contractor within a working area of about 40 acres in Midland, Texas USA. The purpose of this test was to demonstrate the deployment and pickup efficiency, data downloading efficiency, seismic data quality, and all available software features to support productivity.

Midland Texas has a mostly cool dry February with temperatures ranging from around 0°C to 20°C. The test was carried out on some flat sediment land in the area and an orthogonal survey layout was adopted in the test, comprising 7 receiver lines and 7 shot lines.


The work flow was very conventional, much like a large-scale acquisition. Nodes were prepared, deployed along the test lines, and shots were acquired using 2 vibe trucks. Equipment was retrieved, data was harvested, and shot times and vibe sweep were used to output data for analysis. This was also opportunity for a thorough test of system software and available processing and QC functions.

Teat Parameter
Source lines 7 (seven)
Receiver lines 7 (seven)
Source link Universal Encoder 2
Record length 3 seconds
Low-cut filtering 2 milliseconds
Vibrators 2 (two)
IGU-16 units 455
Operation time 4 hours
Crew members 6

SmartSolo and other comparison system were both recording simultaneously for duration of test. On displaying the shot gather data for both systems, it was difficult to distinguish any difference. The frequency spectrum analysis of the stacked section from both systems was very similar. Reflection information and quality from both systems were also very similar, though it was noted that the signal to noise ratio in 800-900ms was slightly more favorable for SmartSolo.


As SmartSolo make use of modular geophone and battery design, it is easier to deploy and retrieve. When the IGU is picked-up, there are no cables or connectors to handle, and it can simply get thrown in a truck for transportation to staging where data can be downloaded. The SmartSolo IGU is a small, compact, light-weight and very durable package. This results in higher productivity, less HSE exposure for your crew, and a more cost-effective operation, while knowing that your deliverable seismic data is of very high quality. With SmartSolo advantages, satisfying the current demand for high density large-scale seismic acquisition becomes very achievable.