Fast Data Harvesting Speeds

240GB / 7 min

3000 CHs @ 20 days @ 2ms in < 3.5 hrs

Highly Flexible System Configuration

Stand-alone system capacity > 30,000 CHs

Scaleable system for super-large channel counts

Complete Software Suite

Simple and easy to use

Fully functional

Data server, mobile devices and desktop

Handheld Terminal (HHT)

Professional device or smart phone device optional

Data exchange wirelessly with DMC

RFID scanner and barcode reader

Binding IGU ID with marker position

Map or navigation functionality

Simple and easy to operate

Data Manager Console (DMC)

Managing projects

Managing seismic data processing

Managing seismic data delivery

Managing user data

Managing operation

Data Collector Console (DCC)

Collect and control data harvesting

Control raw seismic data storage

Control IGU pre-deployment

Control IGU status QC

Data Harvesting Rack (DHR)

32 slots simultaneously harvesting data

Fast data harvesting speeds at 20 MB/slot @ 20 MB/s per slot​

Portable model available at 16 slots

Simple and easy to operate

Battery Charger Rack (BCR)

Total 48 charging slots

Maximum charging cycle of 3 hrs

Portable model available at 16 charging slots

LED charging status indication

Low/High temperature charging protection

IGU Tester (Tester)

Test 16 CHs simultaneously

Complete full test suite within 3 minutes

Portable and simple to operate

Automatic Assemble/Dissemble Machine (ADM)

Assemble/disassemble more than 720 IGUs per hour

Safe and easy to operate

Compact size and light weight