• Data Manager Console (DMC)
  • Data Collector Console (DCC)

The Data Manager Console (DMC) program is used to set up the project parameters, including the IGU-16 recording parameters, before deployment. The Data Collector Console (DCC) program provides the interface with the IGU-16 units, for programming and offload.  After the data has been offloaded by DCC, DMC is used to generate the output files in SEGD or SEGY format.

The DMC and DCC programs run on High-Speed servers that each have an external 120 TB RAID attached.

ServerDell R730
CPU2 * E5-2630 v4
Disk 1 and Disk 2RAID1 – 2 TB per disk – contains the Operating System
Disk ArrayDell MD1400 (Raid 6, 12 * 10TB) – for Data Storage

SmartSolo Software Suite

The SmartSolo software suite includes the following modules

SoloDMCData management and processing of deliverable SEGD or SEGY files
SoloDCCData downloading and QC of IGU-16
SoloTesterIGU-16 test for both electronics and geophone
SoloPosProvides map view of receivers & sources, and positional QC
SeisVewViewing and QC of seismic data (raw data and SEGD/SEGY files)
SoloProStacking and correlation of seismic data
AuxMonitorReal Time QC of Aux box signals
SoloFDTDeployment tool – automatic matching of line & station using internal GPS

Data Harvesting Rack (DHR)

The Data Harvesting Rack is used (in conjunction with the DCC Server) to program the IGU-16s. It is also used for offloading the seismic data, including QC data. Each DHR has 32 slots. The average downloading speed of each slot is 20 MB/s. There is a monitor on each DHR to view the status of the connected IGU-16s.

Size1670 * 650 * 300 mm
Weight90 kg
Offloading Time40GB/7min

3000CHs @ 20 days @ 2 ms in < 3.25 hours

Input Voltage100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Rated Power200 W

Battery Charger Rack (BCR)

The BCR is for charging the IGU-16 batteries. There are 48 slots on each BCR, each with an LED indicator to show that slot’s charging status.

 Size 1827 * 600 * 320 mm
 Weight 130 kg
 Layout 12 rows, 4 chargers on each row
 Maximum Charge Current 2A
 Input Voltage100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
 Rated Power 1290W
 Charging Mode 90% fast charge, trickle charge after 90%
 Charging Time 3.25 Hours (from fully discharged)
 Charging Temperature 3°C to 40°C

Auxiliary Box

The AUX Box contains 4 IGU-16-AUX units.  It can thus record up to four auxiliary signals with microsecond accuracy, using its external GPS antenna. The Aux signals (e.g. TBs, correlation pilots) are then offloaded by plugging each IGU-16-AUX into the DHR.

Size361 * 289 * 165 mm
Weight6.5 kg
Input Voltage9-12 V DC

IGU Tester

The IGU Tester is used to perform acceptance testing of IGU-16s (both the electronics and the geophone).  It can test 16 units at once. The Tester application runs on an attached computer and provides a comprehensive range of user-selectable tests, the results of which are saved in a database.

Size625 * 500 * 297 mm
Weight38 kg
Input Voltage / Current100 – 240V, 50/60, 2A
Rated Power25W

Automatic Assembly/Disassembly Machine (ADM)

The Automatic Assembly/Disassembly Machine (ADM) is used to assemble and disassemble IGUs for offloading, battery charging and redeployment.

Size709 * 265 * 410mm
Weight40 kg
Input Voltage100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Rated Power750 W
Assemble/ Disassemble SpeedAssemble/Disassemble 720 IGUs per hour

Field Deployment Tool (FDT)

The Field Deployment Tool is a hand-held RFID-equipped computer – a Juno T41 made by Trimble. The FDT runs a program called SoloFDT. SoloFDT is used for scanning the serial numbers of the IGU-16s after deployment (using RFID), in order to log the GPS location (and line and station) where each IGU was deployed.

Size210 * 81 * 32 mm
Weight0.4 kg
Protect LevelIP68
Scanning Frequency Band916-926 MHz

Portable Data Harvester (PDH)

The Portable Data Harvester (PDH) is a portable option for programming and offloading IGU-16s. Each PDH has 16 slots. The average downloading speed of each slot is around 20 MB/s.

 Size 625 * 500 * 366 mm
 Weight 21.5 kg
 Input Voltage100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
 Rated Power 100W

Portable Battery Charger (PBC)

The Portable Battery Charger (PBC) is used for charging the IGU-16 batteries. Each battery charger rack can charge 16 batteries. The LED indicators show the charging status of each battery.

 Size 625 * 500 * 366 mm
 Weight 26.3 kg
 Layout 4 rows, 4 chargers on each row
 Input Voltage 100 – 240 V, 50/60Hz
 Rated Power 640W
 Maximum Charge Current 2 A
 Charging Mode 90% fast charge, trickle charge after 90%
 Charging Time 3.25 hours (fully)
 Charging Temperature 3°C to 40°C