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SmartSolo Inc., announced today the sale of 10,000 SmartSolo IGU-16 5Hz smart seismic sensor system to NodalSeismic LLC., NodalSeismic will deploy the system on 2D and 3D projects for its clients in the United States.

While renting the Smartsolo system for numerous surveys over the last 18 months, NodalSeismic saw improvements in productivity, operational efficiency, and crew optimization. The crews liked the node’s light weight, compact size, and quick deployment. The decision to then purchase the Smartsolo system was an easy one.

The Smartsolo recording system ensures that customer requirements and expectations are met with top quality data and more cost-effective projects. In addition, Smartsolo features a low environmental impact deployment with a small sized node (95mm x 103mm), reduced crew size with high productivity, and does not require survey stakes.

Gary Wu, Managing Director of SmartSolo Inc., said: “We are thrilled NodalSeismic made the choice to purchase 10,000 channels of SmartSolo. With other technologies available on the market, this purchase solidifies our belief in making a system that is simple, easy to use and highly reliable. This purchase clearly demonstrates NodalSeismic’ s confidence and approval of the most widely accepted and utilized land seismic nodal system around the globe.”

Bill Erickson, Vice President of Operations and Marketing noted that: “We are excited about the Smartsolo acquisition. This is a transformative capability which in combination with our new Kansas facility, allows NodalSeismic to drive technical and cost efficiencies.”

About SmartSolo Inc.: SmartSolo Inc is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has multiple R&D, Manufacturing and sales/support facilities in Canada, China and USA etc. SmartSolo is a world leading manufacturer of seismic sensors. DT-SOLO series high sensitivity geophones are recognized by the industry as the most reliable high- sensitivity seismic sensors. It’s new product SmartSolo® – World’s First Smart Seismic Sensor defined a new category of seismic acquisition equipment and has over 420,000 channels delivered worldwide.

About NODALSEISMIC LLC: NodalSeismic, LLC is a geophysical contractor that provides seismic data acquisition services for a variety of industries. The firm has facilities in Kansas, Texas, and California. Founded in 2010, NodalSeismic also specializes in urban seismic surveys. The Company’s history includes successfully completing a 40 square mile high resolution 3D seismic survey in the densely populated Los Angeles Basin in California. This survey is the largest and most successful urban survey in California and has resulted in the drilling of multiple discovery wells.

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