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With the oil industry still being a little slow, NodalSeismic have been quick to adapt and pursue alternative exploration work in geothermal and more recently in the mining industry, where they completed a high resolution 2D project. In rolling hills and some steep terrain under the big skies of Montana, using SmartSolo IGU-16 recording nodes, NodalSeismic deployed 1990 stations in 8 hours using just 2 crews of 2 people. Layout was completed the following day, and after data had been acquired, the same 2 crews went on to pick-up 2642 IGUs in just 10 hours. Bill Ericksen, VP of Operations at NodalSeismic, commented that the flexibility and low weight of SmartSolo were key to achieving this highly efficient production. The SmartSolo team look forward to supporting NodalSeismic on their upcoming geophysical campaigns.

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