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When people attempt using photographic equipment to capture moments in tough environments, the opportunity is often missed or the results are compromised due to the adverse situation. The emergence of the “extreme sports camera” addressed the problem, making it easier to record those interesting events in demanding circumstances.

This has some similarity with seismic acquisition equipment working in the field, as it often is used in challenging conditions perhaps with very high or low temperatures, humidity, or likelihood of flooding etc. These environments can sometimes pose problems for effective long-lasting deployment of the seismic recording instruments.

DTCC Group, an experienced manufacturer of highly reliable geophysical exploration equipment, is committed to creating cost-effective robust data acquisition tools to use in harsh environments. With a history of innovating customized products, IGU-16HR-EB 3C was born to meet the lengthier observational requirements from our customers. Capable of operating for more than 100 days, it enables efficient long duration deployments, and somewhat like the industrial designed “extreme sports camera”, it makes the recording of valuable events possible no matter what the conditions.

Recently, the first IGU-16HR-EB 3C long-term observation project was successfully completed. After 75 days of complex field observation, 80 of the continuous-recording devices were collected, while a status check of the stations showed one-month battery operating life still remaining. This project accumulated practical experience for continuous seismic data collection, and went on to demonstrate more than 100 days of uninterrupted data acquisition. It represents an important step for short-period seismographs used in dense arrays for long-term seismic observations.

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