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The most challenging terrain for seismic acquisition!

Between February and April 2018,  Terrex conducted the South Lachlan Deep Crustal 2D Seismic Survey which was a collaboration between the Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV), Geoscience Australia (GA), Geological Survey of New South Wales (GNSW) and Auscope Limited.

With a total of 630 km of seismic acquisition completed, the survey presented some of the most challenging terrains for seismic acquisition  covering the mountainous alpine regions of Victoria and New South Wales; starting at the town of Swanpool situated 25kms of Benella in north-east Victoria on the Midland Highway and finishing at the coastal town of Eden located in the South Coast region of New South Wales

The survey consisted of various terrains including alpine valleys, mountainous wooded tracks, forests, highways, townships and farmland, most of which was heavily forested with significant parts of the lines acquired on mountain tracks with large elevation changes and sharp bends.  Elevations ranged from sea level to 1285m with often heavily wooded sloped terrain.  There were also river crossings including the Snowy River, King River, Ovens River, Keiwa River and Mitta Mitta River where weight limits of the bridge permitted.  In some instances, one way poorly, accessible tracks necessitated the closing of roads and enhanced road management to allow for safe operations.

Terrex successfully completed the South East Lachlan Deep Crustal Seismic Survey utilizing the latest in nodal technology.

The SmartSolo IGU-16 nodes are manufactured by Dynamic Technologies. SmartSolo is a lightweight, fast data download, high channel capacity seismic acquisition system which utilizes a single point self-contained high sensitivity sensor that runs autonomously without the need for a wireless network, external batteries or separate data recorder.  This eliminates all cable and connections from the infield acquisition system which is the main cause for recording downtime and labour costs.  With increased battery and memory life, it is well suited to large field deployments for 3D surveys; the more compact design, ease of field servicing and lighter weight makes harvesting, servicing and transportation easier.

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