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Self-account from a technical support engineer    


What comes to mind when you think of Yunnan?

Maybe it is the high mountains? Perhaps the Sea, or an Ancient city?

Without bustling bright lights, Yunnan has changing scenery every step you take.

In this quiet town, SmartSolo sensor equipment has been used for an engineering exploration near the Nujiang River in Yunnan. As part of the technical support team, I was first involved in a week-long jungle inspection at the project site.

It is said that Nu River is the last secret area of Yunnan:

Located in Northwest Yunnan province, the Lisu autonomous region of Nujiang is in the middle reaches of a River bearing same name. It is called this because the Nu River runs through the whole territory from North to South. Vegetation is lush and dense, and with complex mountainous terrain, the weather is different. Coming from the North, I am not used to the local living environment and climate here. This project is using the SmartSolo IGU-16HR 3C three-component seismograph. With a work area located deep in the mountains and dense forest, there are many steep slopes to negotiate, and some locations are only reached with a difficult climb. The addition of hot weather and tricky mountain roads overall present quite a difficult environment for the field operations.


For me, the most fascinating thing about working in the field is being able to experience local customs during the journey. When all the equipment is deployed in such a short period, there is also plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.

This project has introduced new methods for detecting geological structures using micro-motion techniques, which satisfyingly feel very labor-saving when deployed. Coupled with the operational benefits from using SmartSolo, it has accelerated the progress of this engineering exploration.
            This trip to Yunnan yet again highlights the efficiencies when using SmartSolo, where their products and support played a key role. Looking forward to the results of the project, and looking forward to the next adventure!

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