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March 16th, 2020 Gallego Technic Geophysics began onsite mobilization for a semi-urban seismic campaign near Turnhout in Belgium using SmartSolo by DTCC. Shortly after commencing setup and survey work, a decision was taken to postpone startup due to growing Covid-19 pandemic concerns. Once the local situation was better understood, and with necessary operational precautions established, the project resumed May 4th, and 2100 SmartSolo were deployed over ~20 km². With the receiver spread recording at all times, passive data was acquired in between vibroseis active source production.

For this particular survey design, a linear sweep was used for open spaces, with a pseudo random sweep chosen for areas near to buildings. Where necessary, peak particle velocity (PPV) was monitored to check that vibration levels did not affect any neighboring structure. Seismic acquisition finished on 13th May, and after completion of pickup, harvesting, QC analysis, and output of data deliverables, the project was demobilized considerably ahead of schedule. By 9th June, final processing had been completed, and the client has commended the professional teamwork and excellent quality of resulting data.

One notable side-line consideration about this survey is that GTG were a first-time user of SmartSolo. Due to escalating pandemic travel restrictions, aside from a very brief introduction to the system at time of delivery, all further technical support was provided from off-site, overseas. The intuitive SmartSolo nodes and peripherals enabled Gallego Technic personnel to operate with minimal assistance, and the highly integrated software architecture made it possible to offer remote desktop support where needed.

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