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DTCC Group has exhibited at 2019 EAGE Annual Meeting with their full product line, including a new broadband smart seismic sensor, the IGU-BD3C, which attracted numerous interested clients. The clients visited to catch-up on the latest SmartSolo and DTCC news, and to learn more about the harsh mountain exploration with SmartSolo. Many compliments were given regarding SmartSolo’s cost effectiveness and high-efficiency operation.

190,000 channels of SmartSolo have been delivered since it was released in 2016. So far there have been more than 30 challenging projects successfully completed worldwide using SmartSolo.

From EAGE Paris 2017 to EAGE London 2019, DTCC Group continues to launch new SmartSolo products. IGU-BD3C-5 is the latest addition to the family, a cost-effective power efficient broadband smart seismic sensor. Based on DTCC’s own high-sensitivity DT-SOLO geophone elements, it was developed using the very latest electronics and software tools and techniques. Using internationally acclaimed spread spectrum technology, the IGU-BD3C-5 has an impressive operational frequency range extending 0.2Hz – 150Hz. With high reliability and attractive storage and power capacity customization options, aside from traditional active seismic exploration, the IGU-BD3C-5 is suitable for many other applications, including long observation natural micro seismic, transient surface wave surveys, and mobile earthquake monitoring.


We are looking forward to meeting our friends and clients for the remainder of EAGE 2019 and beyond.



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