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November 2020, a large 3D exploration for shale gas commenced in Sichuan using 26,000 channels of SmartSolo. This sizeable project using both dynamite and vibroseis is being acquired in two parts, traversing 3 cities and 9 districts in a region that has complicated terrain. Numerous road and river crossings make the SmartSolo seismic sensor node a favorable choice compared with traditional cable systems. Built to survive harsh conditions, SmartSolo has proven its reliability and operational agility in many similar complex environments. With an IP68 water immersion and dust ingress protection rating, along with excellent resilience to electromagnetic and radio interference, the IGU-16 is a rugged low maintenance solution for these demanding urban/rural seismic recording operations.

Shale gas exploration is a relatively new development in China, but preliminary findings have already uncovered many new basins with favorable reservoir forming conditions. Recent figures estimate annual production of shale gas in Southern Sichuan at 10 billion cubic meters, and there is enthusiastic interest to expand the geophysical search for these natural resources.

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