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Farmland, Mountain, Gobi…

Thunderstorms, Floods, Landslides…

Deploy, Retrieve, Disassemble, Charge, Download, Test…

After 100 days of intense efficient effort, facing complex terrain, hostile weather, and diverse challenges every day, SmartSolo has once again been used to successfully complete a large-scale seismic exploration of Qiulitage – the “Exploration Forbidden Zone”.

To conquer this mountain and complete the Xiqiu seismic project, BGP used 83,000 channels of SmartSolo, acquiring a total of 23,796 shots. With 29 days of production, the average daily was 821 shots, with peak production efficiency at 1385 shots per day, and average daily recovery of 4500 IGUs.

The terrain of Qiulitage is unique. Local yellow sheep cannot stand on the ridges, and each mountain resembles a blade. Clearly it was to be an immense undertaking to deploy an 83,000 channel tightly spaced survey throughout this mountainous area, but SmartSolo proved to be the right equipment for this formidable landscape. Let SmartSolo take you to new heights on your next project.

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