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Seismic acquisition and processing startup

At 19:08 on the 21st July, local time in Tanzania, Dodsal’s RUVU onshore 3D seismic acquisition project, undertaken by Team 8631 of the Tanzania Project Department of the International Exploration Division officially kicked off.


First 3D seismic exploration activity in Tanzania during Covid-19 pandemic


The RUVU project was the first large scale 3D nodal project in the history of Tanzanian geophysical prospecting market, utilizing 19,000 SmartSolo nodes and compressed sensing technology.


Establishing procedures and getting approval to relocate and move personnel during a pandemic proved to be time consuming and a daunting challenge that revealed an insight to what lied ahead.


According to RWP, the project department strengthened communication and coordination between the logistics and the project site to ensure that the project could be launched on time.


With strengthened communications and coordination plans continued to progress and improve for the Exploration site, camp construction, equipment relocation, acquisition and technical policies.


The RUVU project featured:

  1. Difficult to operate.
  2. Safety risks.
  3. Environment protection requirements for forest.
  4. Higher standards for cleanliness and daily efficiency.


The project site was close to the country’s largest economic center Dar es Salaam, the most densely populated city with towns, rivers, factories, plantations, military bases, transportation hubs, and the most important one – the prevention and control of pandemic.


Facing these challenges, the Project Department made an overall plan, the Management Team came to site to provide support and Team 8631 organized different sources to ensure the project was running smoothly.


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